Classic Mini

Up to 2 Minute cinematic highlight of the first look/couple portraits, key moments of the ceremony, and a closing shot. Think of this package as a unique way to showcase you and your new husband/wife on the happiest day of your lives. The style of this video is like a short trailer, perfect for the couple that doesn't want to have their entire wedding day filmed.

Classic Short

5-7 Minute cinematic highlight of your entire wedding day with integrated audio of the wedding ceremony and/or toasts. Not only does the music guide the video, but your favorite parts of the ceremony and toasts add a whole new layer that can't be found without them.

Classic Highlight

3-5 Minute cinematic highlight of your entire wedding day. This package is designed to tell the story exclusively through visuals. The Classic Highlight is a great way to capture the entire wedding day in a short format that can be shared with family and friends.


Classic Feature

15-30 Minute Cinematic film of your entire wedding day with your favorite parts of the ceremony and toasts. This package will take you through every aspect of your wedding day, from getting ready, to the full ceremony and toasts, to the dance floor; you will relive every moment. 


*Each package is set to one or two songs from


Video Only


Up to 5 hours of coverage / Up to 8 hours of coverage


        Classic Mini:             $800 (2 hours) / $1,000 (3 hours)
   Classic Highlight:                      $2,500 / $3,000
       Classic Short:                        $3,500 / $4,000
     Classic Feature:                   $4,500  *full day only


Photos Only


        Elopement:         $2000 - 6 Hours of Coverage
    Traditional:                $2,500 - 8 Hours of Coverage


Photos & Video

8 Hours Photo Coverage

With Classic Mini:   $3,800 (2 Hrs Video Coverage) / $4,000 (3 Hrs video Coverage) With Classic Highlight: $5,000 (5 Hrs Video Coverage) / $5,500 (8 Hrs Video Coverage)
With Classic Short:        $6,000 (5 Hrs Video Coverage) / $6,500 (8 Hrs Video Coverage) With Classic Feature:     $8,000 (8 Hrs Video Coverage Only)


Drone: $250
Extra Hours: $200 per hour
Audio: $250

Save The Date Video: $500
Holiday Fee: $400
Out of State Fee: $750


1. How will we receive our video? 


We mainly use dropbox to provide our videos, it’s a simple and fast way for you
to download a HD copy directly onto your computer. We also provide
a cover page on our website that you can share with your family and friends.
You can see an example here.

2. Does my package come with a second shooter?

Yes, all of our packages have a second shooter. Classic City Films is a two man team. We’re good on our own, but better together. 

3. What gear do you bring?

Right now we have 2 Sony A7sii’s, Monopods, Glidecams, Tripods, 
Slider and Audio Gear. 

4. Do you work well with photographers?

We do! We really enjoy the collaboration and getting to know
each photographer’s style and personality. For weddings we make a
point to connect with the photographer so that we’re all on the same page.

5. When will the video be done?

On non peak season dates, your video will be done on or before 90 days
after your wedding day. On peak season dates, your video will be done
between 90 and 120 days after your wedding day. 

6. Is there a tax?

By law if we provide a hard copy of your wedding video we have to
charge sales tax. (Dvd or Flash Drive) SInce we provide your
video digitally we do not have to charge a sales tax. All the
information can be found here on page 2.

7. How do we pay for our video?

We require a $1,000 deposit due at signing of contract. $500 of that
is a non refundable retainer fee to hold your date. The rest is due on or before
your wedding day. If we agree to take payments after the wedding you will
receive your video after the full amount is payed.