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Classic City Films, LLC is a production company based in Northern California, specializing in cinematic marketing and event videography. Should it be a Wedding, Birthday, Auction, Promotional Video, or any other event. We are here to film it!



Alaska Airlines: Disneyland® California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Alaska Airlines: Festival of Holidays at Disneyland Resort

Latest Work

Creating stunning visuals that are timeless.

Classic City Films was formed in 2012 by Chris Elm and Chris Perry. The idea started as producing short form media which slowly branched out into event videography and cinematic marketing.
Our main goal is to capture moments and create stunning visuals that are timeless and that can be cherished by those who wish to relive those events time and time again. We believe in the candid moments, capturing them organically and in real time so they evoke the same emotions long after the event has passed.


photos and video go hand in hand

We love photos too! We each have completely different photography styles; one being landscapes, and the other, portraits. On shoots we typically carry a secondary camera for social media and video thumbnails - it's a distinct way for us to capture a moment, while staying true to ourselves.


it can strike anywhere

Like any aspiring filmmaker, movies inspired us to get into film, specifically behind the scenes. It's a way for the people that make the movies to be in the spotlight. The idea of filming something so that it can last a lifetime is incredibly inspiring to us. 


working with others is key

We truly appreciate building bonds with others. One of our favorite aspects of working with our clients is the relationship we get to develop beyond the project itself. We handle each shoot with the utmost professionalism and establish a unique and genuine connection with each person we encounter.  

Our Style

we like to think we have a look

When it comes to weddings, we like to be "flies on the wall." Instead of staging things to happen, we want you to look back at your wedding day exactly as it unfolded.  We often capture moments that you didn't notice or realize you would want filmed. Of course we have spontaneous, "stand over here, this will look amazing!" moments but for the most part we prefer to let it happen organically. That way, when you press play, it feels authentic and real. 

When you need just a bit more.


Why so much?

We put a lot of work into each wedding video we make, you're not paying for a couple guys with a camera and a tripod, you're paying for a cinematic documentary of your wedding with creative and captivating footage. We firmly believe you will look back at your purchase and not regret a single penny. 

The majority of the work and the magic happens in the editing. Each wedding video is unique and has hours of footage to go through. Deciding which shot comes next is a balance between composition and what's occurring within the shot. It is our goal and mission to leave each of our customers in awe of what they are watching. Not because of the amazing shots, but what's happening in them. 

Wedding Packages

We have 4 main packages. Our starting price is $800. Our average investment is $2750.

  • Classic Mini: Up to 2 min video highlighting the first look and key elements in the ceremony.
  • Classic Highlight: 3-5 minute highlight set to one song. 2 videographers. HD file uploaded to dropbox. 
  • Classic Short: 5-7 minute short film set to one to three songs.  3 cameras to ensure we capture every special moment. Integrated audio capture (wedding vows/toasts.) HD video file uploaded to Dropbox
  • Classic Feature: 15 to 30 minute film of your entire day. Wedding ceremony and toasts in their entirety. 4 cameras to ensure every special moment is captured. Integrated audio capture. HD video file uploaded to dropbox. 

These packages are in no way set in stone, and packages may be combined if desired. Please Contact Us for more details and pricing!



We don't just do weddings! 

That's right! We also love working with businesses to create promotional content for social media and websites, with artists and bands to create stunning music videos to match their vision, and other events such as auctions, sports, and more!


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