When you need just a bit more.


Why so much?

We put a lot of work into each wedding video we make, you're not paying for a couple guys with a camera and a tripod, you're paying for a cinematic documentary of your wedding with creative and captivating footage. We firmly believe you will look back at your purchase and not regret a single penny. 

The majority of the work and the magic happens in the editing. Each wedding video is unique and has hours of footage to go through. Deciding which shot comes next is a balance between composition and what's occurring within the shot. It is our goal and mission to leave each of our customers in awe of what they are watching. Not because of the amazing shots, but what's happening in them. 

Wedding Video Packages

We have 4 main packages. Our starting price is $800. Our average investment is $2750.

  • Classic Mini:
    Up to 2 Minute cinematic highlight of the first look/couple portraits, key moments of the ceremony, and a closing shot. Think of this package as a unique way to showcase you and your new husband/wife on the happiest day of your lives. The style of this video is like a short trailer, perfect for the couple that doesn't want to have their entire wedding day filmed.

  • Classic Highlight:
    3-5 Minute cinematic highlight of your entire wedding day. This package is designed to tell the story exclusively through visuals. The Classic Highlight is a great way to capture the entire wedding day in a short format that can be shared with family and friends.

  • Classic Short:
    5-7 Minute cinematic highlight of your entire wedding day with integrated audio of the wedding ceremony and/or toasts. Not only does the music guide the video, but your favorite parts of the ceremony and toasts add a whole new layer that can't be found without them.

  • Classic Feature:
    15-30 Minute Cinematic film of your entire wedding day with your favorite parts of the ceremony and toasts. This package will take you through every aspect of your wedding day, from getting ready, to the full ceremony and toasts, to the dance floor; you will relive every moment.

These packages are in no way set in stone, and packages may be combined if desired. Please Contact Us for more details and pricing!



We don't just do weddings! 

That's right! We also love working with businesses to create promotional content for social media and websites, with artists and bands to create stunning music videos to match their vision, and other events such as auctions, sports, and more!


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